Jax Leonidas


Int 10 Ref 10 (-2) Tech 4 Cool 6
Attr 2 Luck 3 Move 10 Body 10 (+2)
EMP 10 (-5) Run 30 Leap 7 Lift 480

Combat Sense 10
Strength Feat 8
Awareness 4
Shadow/Track 8
Martial Arts (Savate) 7
Martial Arts (Wrestling) 6
Athletics 6
Intimidate 4

Amplified Hearing
Enhanced Hearing Range
Radio Link

Muscle and Bone Lace

Cyberoptic (Left):
Infrared Cyberoptics

Light Tatoo

Motion Detector
Nasal Filter

Cyber Leg (Left):
EMP Shielding
Hydraulic Rams
Reinforced Joints

Cyber Leg (Right):
EMP Shielding
Hydraulic Rams
Reinforced Joints

Metal Gear

Legs which can Sparta Kick you through a concrete wall.

Humanity Cost: 55
Euros: 120


At the age of 14, Jax was attacked by a sociopath who went insane from his cybernetic implants. He lost his entire family and both legs. When the Pyscho Squad arrived, even they were unable to subdue him. That is until Jax, enraged by what was done to him, threw his leg at the psycho’s face, slowing him down just long enough for a sniper to put a laser pulse threw his skull. The Psycho Squad was so impressed by Jax’s actions that they offered to pay for cybernetic legs and to train him to eventually become a member of the Squad himself.

After completing rehab, Jax learned Savate, a kick-based martial art, to take full advantage of his new legs. He was also impressed/amused by the effect of a well placed blow with a leg. Psycho Squad armament usually involves high caliber artillery and explosives. However, after seeing what Jax can do with his feet, a new Melee Division was created as an experiment to see what a martial arts master could do. After experiencing the shear destructive power available to him, Jax learned wrestling in order to safely capture his opponents.

(He doesn’t actually have a light saber. Yet.)

Jax Leonidas

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